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We Truly Set The Bar...

We are a Professional Licensed Painting and General Contractor (452151), established in 1984. Licensed, bonded, insured. We surpass the standards and techniques of our competitors by far. Please scroll down & see what makes us different.

With Blue Knight Construction,  you get true quality craftsmen (as defined by us). We will prove that you made the right decision throughout the job and not just during the sales pitch.

Our Services Include
• Interior and Exterior Painting
• Quality Wood Repair
• Fascia Board Repair
• Window Trim Repair
• Stucco Repair
• Drywall Repair
• Ceiling Repair
• Dry Rot Repair
• Termite Repair
• Patio Cover Repair and Rebuilds
• (Residential only)

What Makes Us Different?

 Our Uniqueness: We are also a General Contractor since 1984. Simply put, we blend the functional aspects of our weatherproofing techniques with exterior painting. We can identify and correct problem areas that promote dry rot and termites, such as fascia board connections, exposed decorative beams, patio cover workmanship, etc...

We Also Do Licensed Wood Repair :  We are licensed for carpentry and Painting (452151). Most OC painters do not provide wood repairs if needed. Its common practice to simply bondo the dry rot or termite damaged wood that should be replaced. The result is sloppy and tacky but more important, it can ruin and shorten the life of what could've been a proper paint job. Other painters may attempt some minor wood repairs but fall short good workmanship. Afterall, they're painters and may lack the skill or just do not wish to take the time.

We at Blue Knight Construction, are also licensed carpenters as well as painters. Carpentry is one of our main skills and our craftsmen are well trained for all aspects of a top notch paint job.

The Preparation: One of the most important factors in quality house painting is the preparation. Sanding to the point of feathering/smoothing the hard edges is a key component in making in the old weathered paint have a seamless texture. Replacing bad wood and correcting the source of the damage determines the longevity of the job.

A Real Contractors License (452151): Ask our competitors for their license number. You'll find that many are not licensed. Often times these unlicensed individuals have similar or even higher pricing. Working with an unlicensed individual, gives you no recourse in the event of poor workmanship or injury.

WORKERS COMP!!! An unlicensed individual cannot carry Workers Comp. The Painting trade is very dangerous and serious ladder injuries are common. Workers Comp protects you the homeowner against liability.

The Materials:   Dunn Edwards paint seems to be the preference of most painting contractors in OC because it's less expensive. I find Dunn Edwards Paint to be thinner and less durable. Our choice of paint has a much higher viscosity and is superior to the contractor's grades that so many of our competitors use. We will disclose our brand in our contract.

Our Gratitude:   OC residents, we know that you have many choices of OC Painters, and we appreciate your consideration. It would be our privilege to be your choice of painting contractors.

The Pricing: OC home owners deserve to have quality interior and exterior  painting at reasonable prices. Our painting prices are competitive, despite the high quality paint and techniques that we use.

Our Painters and Carpenters: Of course materials are always an important part of a great paint job. But the actual painters are the real difference. The ones who hold the sander, brush and roller, dictate the results both functionally and aesthetically.

The Guarantee: A 5 year prorated limited warrantee is available, against peeling, cracking and delaminating. Your house must qualify.

Check Our Lic. 452151. Est. 1984.

PAINTERS OC, Interior Exterior

Our Attention To Detail Is Unsurpassed.

This is not your average painting craftsmanship. Blue Knight Painting & Construction systems are engineered with the correct balance of function and esthetics as defined by us.